miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2008

Famous on fame

"I was able to get into the system and I was not the likely candidate at all. I came when my looks, my attitude was not quite the catch of the day. I love the challenge." — Sandra Bullock

"Sometime you really like being famous. Sometime you really want to be a normal people. But being Jackie Chan, I like it." — Jackie Chan

"I make quality films and I work all the time, so I don't need Los Angeles which is another thing that bothers the hell out of them here. I'd love to make American films. You make some of the best films of all time. But at the same time I'm not just gonna step in here and play second fiddle or 12th spear chucker on a B-grade film cause it's got the Yankee dollar attached to it." — Russell Crowe

"Acting has always given me a place – a very formative messy place." — Jodie Foster

"Getting the part has become the best thing. The moment the agent picks up the phone and says you got the part, you're kinda delirious for 30 seconds and then it's downhill after that. You think 'Oh, Christ, can I actually do it?' and then the worry starts and it doesn't really dissipate until the first screenings." — Hugh Grant

"It's not a typical path that I've taken. But I also know directly or indirectly, that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be." — Matthew McConaughey

"As a celebrity you have the power to get the news media to cover issues which they're normally not covering." — Susan Sarandon

"I love acting and being in front of the camera and seeing yourself on the screen if the movie is great. But also it's just as nice and more challenging to be behind the camera and in charge of the whole project." — Arnold Schwarzenegger

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