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Lily Allen atrapada por la fama

" La gente dice que pagas el precio de la fama", Lily dice ,"Y es cierto, porque hay ciosas que ya no puedo hacer más. Por ejemplo, tener sexo. ya no puedo ir a una clínica de sexualidad, ni puedo comprara preservativos. Son las cosas cotidianas más banales las que se hacen cada vez más difícil. El diario " The Mirror" publicó el 9/2/09 que la cantante de 22 años estuvo cxomentando el hecho de llegara ser famosa por una canción que fue hit : "Smile" .
“A mi me da gracia ver fotos de Victoria Beckham en las tapas de las revistas. Ella no está promocionando nada, no está vendiendo nada y no precisa el dinero : sçolo le inetresa ser famosa" dijo Allen a la revista You , lo que luego se publició en el Daily Mail. " la diferencia con ella es que a mi me inetresa vender discos, pero no me inetresa la fama por sí misma . Hago musica , y para eso estoy aquí . Nunca saldría a hacer prensa porque sí . Estoy en tan buen lugar, que no se me ocurriría. NI siquiera le deseo el mal a nadie. Vi a Paris Hilton en el show de David Letterman y me quedé helada pensando : " ¿ por qué la trata tan mal?" .
Allen tambien confiesa estar un poco paranoica respecto a sus relaciones de pareja : " ya no puedo llevar a alguien que me gusta a mi casa porque no quiero que lo fotografien saliendo de casa y luego digan que tenemos una relación. Por eso cada vez que salgo con alguien que no es pàrte del show business me pregunto : " ¿ Deberia dormir con este o no? " Porque ya no se sí si en verdad quieren salir conmigo poque disfrutan de esta parte de que te persiga la prensa .

Hermanas de famosas ( en inglés)

How sisters deal with the fame of their sisters
Ebony Dec, 1991, Laura B. Randolph
"Our father sat us down and told us how we had to always be each other's best friend ... and I know this sounds corny but I can remember the strength in Sharon's eyes," recalls Wiley "They were so penetrating. It was clear she was taking his always-stick-together instructions very seriously and from that day on, Sharon assumed responsibility for me. We have always been the constant in each others lives."
When Black women talk about their sisters, most describe just such an inviolable bond. When, for instance, janet Hubert-Whitten was a penniless actress struggling to make it in New York, it was her older sister, Shirley, who kept her going with funds and faith ("She would send me money I know she didn't have to give"). "Shirley always believed I would make it someday, even when I didn't, " says The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star. "She would come to any state she could to see whatever show I was doing. She would drive for six or seven hours to be there. And even when things were very bad, she never once said to me, Look, why don't you give this up and get a real job?' For 17 years, she kept the faith. "
That kind of loyalty, that believe-inyou-when-nobody-else-does faith of a sister, is why every "sister celebrity" interviewed said her success is made infinitely sweeter just be having a sister with whom to share it.
Last November, when opera diva Kathleen Battle learned she would be performing at Carnegie Hall, the Grammy-winning superstar called her older sister, Lela Perry, in Ohio and sang the Spirituals that, months later, would bring a star-studded audience to their feet. "She sang Motherless Child and Swing Low," recalls Lela Perry of that unforgettable long-distance private concert. "It was so beautiful. "
Lisa Russell, the younger sister of actress Kimberly Russell, says she and Kimberly have always been "best friends, inseparable." And even though neither of them knew it at the time, they were preparing for their adult careers from the time they were little girls performing elaborate dramas in the bedroom they shared growing up in Brooklyn. "Everyday we'd pick a character we wanted to play, " recalls Lisa who, like Kimberly, is an actress and shares an apartment with her sister in Los Angeles.
But it isn't just those kinds of irreplaceable memories that make sister relationships special. For Black women in the spotlight, sisterhood is also a rare and precious sanctuary from the glare of an often unkind public; a priceless harbor of understanding during storms of pain. Actress Robin Givens will be the first to tell you that it was her younger sister, Stephanie, who helped keep her sane during the torment-filled months following her highly publicized divorce from ex-heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. "Stephanie was always there for me when it was at its roughest," says Robin of the post-divorce months in which she endured a torrent of public hatred and her own private hell.
Though Stephanie's support meant the world to Robin, "being there" just didn't seem enough to 24-year-old Stephanie. She wanted desperately to find a way to ease her sister's pain.
From the time we were little girls I always felt like I was Robin's protector," says Stephanie. "I can remember when we were small, Robin didn't like milk. But she would drink it if I tasted it for her first. We've just always had this understanding that I would always look out for her. But in [the Tyson] situation, it was like, God, what do you do?' For the first time, there was nothing I could do except be strong enough to tell her she had to be strong. It was very hard because it was just a helpless situation for everyone.
Sometimes when circumstances seem hopeless, a sister's intervention can mean the difference between a dream dashed or fulfilled. When, for instance, supermodel Beverly Johnson first told her father she wanted to go to New York to become a model, his response was swift and sure: No way. As girls, we weren't even allowed to fall down and get hurt," explains Sheilah Wright, Johnson's older sister. "I said, `Beverly, Dad won't even let you go around the comer so (New York] is out of the question."' Still, Wright didn't want to see Beverly's dream dashed until her sister at least got a shot, so she went to her father to plead Beverly's case. "I said, Dad, look. It's a chance in a million. The kid wants to try. I'll take her to New York. We'll stay in a hotel and more likely than not it won't turn into anything. But if you don't let her go, it will always be in the back of her mind. "' Her father relented, and it was that trip that launched Beverly's history-making career.Sometimes a sister's intercession can salvage more than a career. Sometimes, it saves a soul. The death of her mother when she was just an infant left veteran Broadway actress Arnetia Walker, star of NBC's much-talked about new series Nurses, feeling alone, adrift and unwanted. "I come from a psychologically and physically abusive home. . . confides Walker. "Up until I was five years old I was passed around and by the time I got to Shirley I had a lot of problems. I can't remember feeling loved until I went to live with her. I don't know where I would be today had it not been for her. "
Though technically her sister-in-law, Shirley Walker, says Arnetia, embodies the real meaning of the word sister more than her 11 blood siblings. "She singularly .... has always been there for me and I cannot say that of other family members, " says Arnetia of the woman who not only took her into her home but, for the first time in her life, made her feel loved.
Sometimes a sister's intervention can alter the course of a woman's life in startlingly prophetic-and permanent ways. In 1970, when 24-year-old Bennie Wiley was about to enter Harvard Business School, she casually mentioned to her sister that she and her boyfriend, who was entering Harvard's Law School, were planning to live together. Sharon Pratt Dixon, Wiley recalls, was less than pleased with the idea.
"She told my boyfriend, `You should know that if my sister's discussing living with you, then she's talking about making the same commitment she would be making for marriage," remembers Wiley who was in Europe at the time and had no knowledge of the conversation. Until, that is, she returned home and received a marriage proposal. "I was shocked because we hadn't discussed marriage at all," remembers Wiley. The next week, she told Dixon of her marriage plans and, though it was more than 20 years ago, Wiley says she has never forgotten her sister's reaction. "She picked up a calendar and said, Well, Friday looks good.' That was July 5th and on July 10 we got married at her house."
With memories like that, it's no wonder these women can't say enough about their famous sisters. And it is no wonder that the famous celebrated sisters say that their sisters' successes are as distinguished, if not as well-known, as their own. Bennie Wiley, a Harvard MBA and former Harvard Law School administrator, was the finance director for Mayor Dixon's historic campaign and raised the lion's share of Dixon's money during the primary. "Initially, people just weren't looking at her as a viable candidate, " explains Wiley who is president and CEO of The Partnership, Inc., a Boston company founded to promote harmonious race relations and access for the city's minority residents.
A former pro tennis player, Stephanie Givens is Robin's stunt double and vice president and head of production of Robin's New York-based company, Never Blue Productions.
With a master's degree in journalism and extensive experience in marketing and promotion, Natalie Cole's younger sister, Timolin, runs her own public relations firm where she coordinates national press for her multiple Grammy-winning sister. In fact, Cole Public Relations played a significant role in the promotion of Natalie's first and only No. 1 album, Unforgettable, and, say insiders, deserves significant credit for its tremendous exposure.Blessed with the same cover girl looks as her famous sister, Sheilah Wright opted for a completely different career path than Beverly johnson. Not only does the mother of two have two master's degrees (one in education, the other in psychology), she has two careers: a full-time educator and a therapist for abused women and troubled adolescents.
Like Sheilah, Shirley Hubert counsels people in need. A clinical social worker, the newly divorced mother recently completed her master's degree while working full time and raising her two pre-teenage sons. "The woman is fierce," says janet of her sister. "I don't know how she juggles it all. " "Shirley always believed I would make it someday, even when I didn't."
There is, of course, another side to this story, for the sad truth is that the fame of a sibling can often overshadow even the most extraordinary accomplishments. All too often, many people see these women only as so-and-so's sister," ignoring the remarkable achievements they've made in their own right. For my sister, economically it s not the same and I think people expect her to have everything that I have," explains Janet Hubert-Whitten. "She gets a lot of pressure from peers who say things like,
"What happened to you?' It can be pretty mean. There's a lot of jealousy. "
And there's a lot of judgmental comparison.
"When people find out Robin is my sister, they always say, Well, what do you do-and they say it with this attitude," agrees Stephanie Givens. And since moving to L. A. two years ago, Lisa Russell says she has experienced the same phenomenon more times than she cares to remember. "People see me and say, 'Oh you're the sister of that girl on Head of the Class.' It's tough trying to break away from the mold of being Kimberly Russell's younger sister and coming into my own," she admits.
For Timolin Cole, unfair presumptions-not comparisons-are the most painful side effect of having a famous sister. "People tend to prejudge you," says Timolin. "They label you before they know you ... and you feel like you have to prove yourself to people because you're so afraid they'll think you're stuck-up, phony, and materialistic. You're labeled before you're given a chance. "
Such annoyances aside, the rare and trusted bond between sisters is a priceless gift without which each woman interviewed said they couldn't imagine their life. Little wonder. As author Elizabeth Fishel put it in her acclaimed book, Sisters: Love and Rivalry Inside the Family and Beyond: From birth to death, sisters model and pattern their scripts on each other's. They take cues from each other about the way life is or might be, about how to walk, talk, think, dress, about what to fear and what to embrace, about whom to like, whom to scorn, about when to move and how far, what to reach for and why. "
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Patrick Dempsey asustado por su fama de sex symbol

Patrick Dempsey , cuenta como su mujer soporta su fama :
“A mi mujer le divierte mi fama de sex symbol, y a mi lo unico que me importa es que sea ella quien me considere tal cosa. Serlo es bueno para el ego y la confianza en uno . Claro que uno se mira al espejo y dice " Oh, esta es la realidad de lo que soy" , sin luces buenas,ni buena ropa, ni peinador ni maquillaje. Pero las fans pueden ser muy agresivas, y no respetan la intimidad de uno . Irrumpen en cualquier momento , te reconocen y creen que tiene derecho a meterse en tu vida . Igual es divertido, no me lo tomo en serio. Pero me molesta bastante más que a mi mujer ."
Patrick conoció a su esposa hace diez años : "Ella es peluquera y yo tenia una cita en su salón . Cuando le dijeron que yo habia pedido turno con ella, no lo creyó, pensó que era una broma. Pero luego aparecí y empezamos a coquetear los dos .Fue un caso de amor a primera vista demorado, porque ambos estabamos comprometidos con otras personas . Nos llevó tres años empezar a salir juntos hasta que acanamos nuestras relaciones anteriores : estabamos " ocupados" por otros..."
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A Kristin Stewart no le importa lo que opinen los fans

"Estoy muy orgullosa de la pelicula " Crepusculo" - dijo su protagonista -" Estaría muy mal si la película no gustara , especialmente por todo lo que hicieron tantos antes de que se estrenara , pero no hay nada más que pueda hacer ya para que la película le guste a todos" . " tengo un sistema muy personal como para no tener que tolerara criticas. Mi trabajo generalmente no afecta a mucha gente . Pero esta vez , con una pelucla tan exitosa, tengo que decirlo francamente : no me importa la reacción de los fans . Ya con Robert Pattinson y el elenco hicicmos un par de firmadas de autografos , en los que tienes que vrele la cara de frente a 150 fans uno tras otro . me encanta cuando me miran con cierto desdeño como diciendo " Bueno, veo que no eres nada especial. Se que estas sentada firmando autografos como si fueras gran cosa . Lo que me importa es llevarme el autografo de Robert Pattinson " . Y para mi esta bien . Simplemente los dejo ir. Mi trabajo en el film ya fue hecho. "

Pattinson teme a sus fans

Robert Pattinson habló recientemente acerca de el impacto de la fama en sus colegas de la saga Harry Potter:
“Creo que la manera en que los chicos de Harry Potter llevamos la fama es ignorándola y siguiendo adelante con nuestras vidas normales. Son todos muy sanos. Creo que Daniel Radcliffe vive en la misma casa en Londres donde creció. Creo que Daniel ha madurado. Espero que él y todo el equipo sigan siendo ejemplos de y qu sigan haciendo buenas elecciones en sus vidas . ¡Es tan raro ver eso en nuestros días! Daniel sólo quiere trabajar duro, nada más"
Segun Pattinson , la fama fue un poco demasiado para él . " la gente me tiende celadasa y me acorralada para tocarme el pelo y hasta me pide que la muerda . No tengo ganas de que alfguien saue una aguja y me transmita Sida , ni quiero que me disparen o acuchillen . Pero, con miedo y todo, debo reconocer que esta es mi vida"
(Fuente: Times on Internet )

Michael Phelps, nadando en fama

El campeón olímpico de natación Michael Phelps acaba de publicar un libro llamado " No Limits: The Will To Succeed" ( " Sin limites : el deseo de triunfar" ( Alan Abrahamson Free Press, 240 pags, $26.00) en el cual habla de cómo manejar la fama despues de ganar ocho medallas de oro en los juegos de Beijing, quitandole el record a Mark Spitz, que tenía siete medallas .
Phelps cuenta en su libro que siempre sufrio Deficit de Atención con Hiperactividad y que la natación le calmaba sus síntomas. Y cuenta que la mayor verguenza de su vida la tuvo en Noviembre de 2004 , cuando luego de ganar un auto Range Rover en los juegos de Atenas, lo condujo ebrio, atropelló un poste y tuvo que hacer trabajo comunitario y pagar una multa de 305 dólares por beber ebrio ( aunque el afirme que solo eran tres cervezas). " Eso es feo si no eres conocido. Pero si eres famosos y los medios quieren noticias sobre ti, es mucho peor. Fue como pasara de estar en la cima del mundo al peor agujero negro"
Este campeón de Baltimore Norte cuenta que se hizo fan del rapero Lil Wayne ( que le regaló un I Pod autografiado con 40 canciones inéditas) " porque el rap me hace nadar con más ganas.", siendo su canción favorita "I'm Me" y no la que el rapero hizo para el " Micahel Phelps" . Sobre la fama que lo llevo a ser Atleta del Año en la revista Sports Illustrated , Phelps dice que no se acostumbra a ser famoso. Y tampoco tiene idea de cómo lidiar con la fama internacional. Aunque su libro puede servir de inspiracion a jóvenes atletas en crecimiento, este joven de 23 años parece no tener la menor idea de cómo manejar su fama, más que firmar para protagonizar avisos publicitarios de ropa deportiva y I pods. Lo que sí se sabe es que su fama contribuyó para que los jovenes practricandi natiacion en Estados Unidos se dupliquen despues de Beijing, inspirados por su modelo .
"Luego de ganar , me di cuenta de que mi vida habia cambiado radicalmente y para siempre . Especialmente cuando me llamó el presidente Buch y me dijo " si puedes con ocho medallas de oro, puedes con cualquier cosa" .( Fuente : Seattle Times)

Jenniffer Lopez y las estrellas juveniles

Rob Tencer diceque escribió un libro sobre cómo lidiar con la fama , en el que explica que cuando llegues a la fama debes tener un gran equipo de apoyo a tu lado, del cual, si alguien te hiere , debes retirarlo. No de tu vida : del equipo. Y dice que Jennifer Lopez dijo, acerca de Britney Sears y Linday Lohan y sus desbordes : " Nadie tiene un manual sobre como lidiar con larfama . Tienes que tener buena gente a tu lado . Cuando uno es un niño estrella, mucha gente te ve como su ticket al almuerzo, no como una persona . Necesitas gente que te mantenga a raya . Hay gente que cree que su labor es mantener a la estrella feliz mientras le consiga dinero. Pero a la estrella tambien hay que tenerla a raya , o ella misma olvida que es una persona . ”